PandoraX Whitepaper


Pandora X Metaverse
Pandora X Metaverse is made up of 4 Districts:
- Liberty District: Ground Building, 1 Ad Space, 10% in Ad-View Commissions
- Gotham District: 2 Floor Buildings, 2 Ad Spaces, 20% in Ad-View Commissions
- Gold District: 3 Floor Buildings, 3 Ad Spaces, 30% in Ad-View Commissions
- Land of the Oz: 4 Floor Buildings, 4 Ad Spaces, 40% in Ad-View Commissions.
Ad-Viewing in Liberty District is free and accessible to all; however, the 3 other higher-value Districts will require holding a certain amount of $PANX Tokens to be able to view ads and earn rewards.
Ad-View Token Holding Tiers
- Liberty Tier: No $PANX Tokens required
- Gotham Tier: 1,000,000 $PANX – 1,499,000 $PANX
- Gold District: 1,500,000 $PANX and 1,999,000 $PANX
- Land of the Ox: 2,000,000 $PANX and Above
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